CareTalk, LLC was created by Dr. Felicia Wilson, MSW, MBA, LMSW, CAMS-II, a wife, mother of three, daughter, and caregiver, who was inspired to create an organization to educate, support, and encourage professional helpers and family caregivers. 


Dr. Felicia Wilson received her doctoral degree in human services from Capella University, master of social work degree from Florida State University, master of business administration from Saint Leo University, and a bachelor of social work degree from Alabama State University. She is a licensed master social worker in the state of Georgia and Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-II). She also holds a certificate in Contemporary Theory in Addictive Behavior and is a Professional Life Coach.

Dr. Wilson has written articles and has a strong presentation repertoire including workshops on caregiver stress, job burnout antecedents and prevention, social and emotional intelligence, and ethical workplace concepts, anger management, and domestic violence.






The sandwich generation term defines adults who are caring for their immediate family (spouse and children) while having the responsibility of caring for their elderly loved one. The adult is sandwiched between caring for two groups. This situation can create a drowning feeling that is overwhelming. CareTalk helps family caregivers work through the emotional, financial, and work-life issues.


Deciding to become a professional helper is often guided by intrinsic motivation to help others achieve their goals or work through life difficulties. This desire is often met with several factors that dampen one’s zeal to continue to operate effectively. CareTalk provides personal coaching to help professionals identify factors that lead to workplace disengagement, reevaluate and define professional goals, and establish a work-life balance framework.


The health of an organization depends, in part, on the well-being of its employees. CareTalk provides in-house workshops on job burnout, stress, workplace motivation, managerial training, and creating ethical workplaces. CareTalk also offers a variety of continuing education credits for licensed individuals.