The Sandwich Spot

Hello Everyone!

I know day to day caregiving can be difficult. Many days, you may experience a lot of physical and emotional drain. Please don’t stop. It’s important to be present with your loved one. Even if he or she is difficult. Even when they are having “bad” days. Be there. Be intentional. Be present.

I have great memories of driving my mom to her doctor’s appointments. She lived in a different state. So, to get up at o’dark 30, drive 2 hours to pick her up, then an additional hour to the appointment was physically draining. However, on the drives, we talked. She shared. I shared. After the appointment, we would get something to eat. The favorite and most requested spot was Cracker Barrell. If I was pushed for time, we’d run to a fast food burger spot. Yes, I ordered her a burger, fries, and a drink! Why, because she asked for it and I didn’t deny her wish 😊. Now that she’s gone, I have those memories tucked away in my heart.

Friends, make your memories each day. Decide to be intentionally present even when you are tired. Now, I don’t remember how tired I was on those long days. What I do remember is seeing my mom smile, driving with her, and sitting across from her sharing a meal.

Live. Love. Laugh

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