The Sandwich Spot


Last Wednesday was a mess. A real mess.

The night before we were scheduled to leave, we had a plumbing issue. PLUMBING!!!!

This came after a few days of dealing with finances to ensure everything was covered for our older adult while planning the details of a much-needed vacation.

I’m over it.

Completely over it.

This is when I had to have an internal chat with myself.

Prior to everything settling down, I had to SHIFT. I REFUSED to allow these issues to dampen my excitement. Yes, it’s a mess. Yes, it will probably cost a lot of money. But, for a few days, I will get off the emotional roller coaster and have FUN.

So, here’s my advice to you.

Some days, weeks, and months may have multiple issues. That’s life. All sandwich generation people know this fact. Children get sick. Older loved ones get sick. Trouble at work. Home issues. Financial concerns.

Don’t allow your peace to be disturbed by these problems.  Yes, I said ALLOW. You have the power to shift your response to these events. Are they difficult? YES. But, you must maintain a positive mental space. The alternative does not yield positive results.

Word of the day—SHIFT.

Shift your thoughts. Shift your response.

In the end, we secured placement for my mother in law and our vacation details were finalized.

The plumbing issue turned out to not be a huge problem.

Imagine how awful things could have been had I lost control of my emotions.

Happy shifting!!!

Live. Love. Laugh

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